About Us

tejas_-_2000_-_3000_sq_ft_5_20160923_1213520527Terry McCurdy started building log homes in 1979. Since that time he has been involved in every aspect of the log home industry. From operating mills, to quality control, purchasing timber, to home design and custom floor plans, log home seminars, everything from construction superintendent to the physical construction of log homes…well, just about everything from A to Z. He realized at an early point that dry logs, quality materials and superior workmanship is what would set Cedar Forest Log Homes apart from all the other log home companies. Our homes are still constructed under his watchful eye.

In the beginning, it was the dry logs along with the extensive lengths we purchased from the west that made us superior in the log home business. Today we have added product knowledge, versatility, community presence to our list. In these hard economic times, it is this knowledge and high ideals that has sustained our company and had allowed us to continue building log homes and cabins around the entire country.

Cedar Forest Log Homes is still a family owned and operated business. Today our homes are constructed by our sons, Cody, Casey and Josh. All 3 began working on the construction crews at the age of 12. They share Terry’s ideals of family values and tradition. As a Cedar Forest Log Homes customer, you have over 130 years of combined experience working to make your dreams come true. When you meet with us, you can be certain that we are at the top of our game not only with product knowledge, but also the ins and outs of the quality construction of your log home. And you are assured of our personal involvement from beginning to end.

After years of building log homes for many other companies across the country, we had seen just about every type of log available.With our extensive network of mills and timber suppliers, we knew we could provide a superior product at a reduced price. In 1992 we started selling logs for the homes we built. After more than 25 yrs we still pride ourselves in building every home personally. Wether you buy your logs from us or from one of the hundreds of other companies out there, we assure you will not find a more experienced, conscientious builder. Our reputation depends on it!

Our Mission Statement: Quality Wood, Superior Craftsmanship, Happy Home Owners.